School Success programme for Teachers

Learn everything we know about helping pupils improve exam grades & well-being.

This course includes:
- Click this link to see the full curriculum and the benefits - download the PDF
- Highly engaging content with easy-to-understand narration
- Over 60 on-demand videos
- Click this link to see sample content
- Over 12 hours of learning materials 
- 100s of hours of daily, weekly and monthly planning and reflection tools
- Quizzes to enhance learning 
- Resources to help your pupils succeed and thrive 

Learn how to help your pupils develop a set of transferable life skills that make it easier for them to:

– Build better sleep, diet and exercise habits
– Improve confidence
– Build new helpful habits that make being successful easier
– Boost motivation and personal drive
– Be more productive – including developing more balanced usage of phones, internet and games
– Improve concentration
– Learn more efficiently and effectively
– Optimise revision
– Improve exam results

These simple & practical
insights will change their lives.

Click this link to see a range of case studies showing how our simple and practical award-winning training has made it easier for young people to be healthy, happy and at their best.

Simple and practical insights to help your pupils succeed and thrive:

01. START HERE - Plan how you will use the programme

Learn how to help your pupils to be healthier, happier and at their best more often.

02. LEVEL 0 - A.P.E. Brain H.A.C.®: Learn how to help yourself and others build better diet, exercise & sleep daily

Get the 7 day diet, exercise and sleep improvement plan & begin learning how to help your pupils build better sleep, diet & exercise habits.

03. LEVEL 1 - Mindset H.A.C.®: Learn how to improve confidence every day

Learn how to show your pupils that they can become better at anything. Also access the The Big Finish™ daily pupil confidence building plan.

04. LEVEL 2 - How to Build Better Habits: Improve performance every week

Learn how habits work and how to help your pupils build more helpful habits. Access the 7 step habit building plan. Learn from The Simpsons.

05. LEVEL 3 – Motivation H.A.C.®: Boost motivation & personal drive

Learn how to help your pupils improve motivation. Create Future, Ambitious and Meaningful stories. Learn from Walt Disney and JK Rowling.

06. LEVEL 4 - Focused Timeline™: Build planning and organisation habits for success

Help your pupils turn big goals into reality by creating their own Focused Timeline™. Learn from the Brontë Sisters & boxer Anthony Joshua.

07. LEVEL 5 - H.A.C.® Stress & manage Confidence: Reduce stress & improve confidence

Learn why your pupils can find things stressful. Improve their confidence using the Confidence Profile. Learn from film star Kate Winslet

08. LEVEL 6 - Build and Maintain Confidence: Use confidence skills to enhance happiness

Learn simple and practical skills to help your pupils maintain and build their confidence. Learn from Olympic champion Jessica Ennis-Hill.

09. LEVEL 7 - Productivity H.A.C.®: Create Will Power Stories™ to improve daily productivity

Learn simple & practical skills you can use to help your pupils to be more productive. Learn from Charles Darwin & Dickens.

10. LEVEL 8 - Activation H.A.C.®: Build better focus and relaxation habits

Learn how concentration works & how to help your  pupils focus & relax throughout the day. Learn from the New Zealand All Blacks.

11. LEVEL 9 - Learning H.A.C.®: Build better learning habits

Learn how your pupils learn. Access the Learning Strengths Plan™ to improve your pupils' learning. Learn from Thomas Edison and Marie Curie.

12. LEVEL 10 - Revision H.A.C.®: Build revision habits for improved exam performance

Help your pupils revise in a way that boosts their exam performance. Learn from the double Olympian Jonny Brownlee & King George VI.

13. LEVEL 11 - Exam H.A.C.®: Build better exam performance habits

Learn how to help your pupils perform to their potential in exams. Learn from rugby star Jonny Wilkinson & tennis ace Serena Williams.