Level 0 - Me Power® Planner (Printable) for Well-being and Performance *Best seller* by TougherMinds - award-winning consultancy

Level 0 - Me Power® Planner (Printable) for Well-being and Performance *Best seller*

Do you feel any of the following?
Hi, my name is Dr. Jon Finn (Tougher Minds and Me Power Academy Founder) and I know these feelings and experiences can be challenging and frustrating. So I created the Me Power® Planner to make it easy for people to build better habits for health, happiness and fulfilled potential

The planner will help you and your pupils to:
- Be more self-aware 
- Increase resilience 
- Improve sleep, diet and exercise 
- Reduce stress
- Feel better
- Increase motivation
- Be more productive 
- Save hours each day

Planner use time commitment:
- 10 minutes per day
- 20 minutes weekly planning and reflection
- 30 minutes monthly planning and reflection

Look inside the Me Power Planner

Spend 10 minutes per day planning and reflecting, and save hours every day, days every month, and weeks every year.

Print and use immediately or use the insights to strengthen your current planning and reflection habits.

We understand that everyone is different, and what works for some might not work for others.  So we are not prescriptive. You can work through the planner at your own pace. Take your time whilst doing this and only work on things that are most helpful for you


1) 'A.P.E. Brain® and H.A.C. Brain' - Animation
Start by watching the short animation about your A.P.E. Brain®. This explains the core reasons why being your best is challenging in life and work.
2) ‘Well-being & Performance Habits for School Success - The science of happiness and fulfilled potential in life, education and work’
In this Audio Masterclass, Dr. Jon Finn discusses the science of happiness and fulfilled potential in life, education and work. 

We also discuss:
- Why the human brain is not designed to thrive in the modern world - whether you're an adult, teenager or child.

- How to analyse your helpful and unhelpful habits.

- How to help yourself and other begin building more helpful habits for success in our challenging world.
3) The Me Power® Planner 
Tougher Minds unique, proprietary daily well-being and performance planning and reflection tool. It makes it easy to be healthy, happy and at your best every day, every week and every month.
It shows you how to:
i) Create a F.A.M.® Story to boost your motivation and personal drive by planning and connecting your long, medium and short-term goals 

ii) Do an in-depth analysis of your A.P.E. Brain using the ‘The A.P.E. Brain Reflection’ self-analysis tool

iii) Identify your unhelpful habits and which helpful habits you can build by using the ‘It Would Be Helpful If…’ self-analysis tool

iv) Build new helpful habits using these powerful planning tools: ‘Habit Building Plan’ and ‘How the A.P.E. Brain Hinders Change’ 

v) Improve your sleep, diet and exercise habits every day using simple and practical steps

vi) Plan your month and week

vii) Plan each day using the ‘Will Power Story’ tool

viii) Finish each day well by completing these reflection exercises: ‘How well did I do my best…’ and ‘3:1’ 

ix) Finish each week and month well by completing a structured reflection exercise
4) The Me Power® Planner Weekly Wall Chart 
Stick this in a prominent position and make it easier to monitor your goals and build better habits.

5) Will Power Booster and Strengths Guide
Daily tactics to help you control your environment and your mind, to build better habits every day.

6) 'How to create a Will Power Story: Plan, focus and relax' - Video
Learn about brain states and Activation®, and how to focus, switch-off and finish the day well.

7) My Daily A.P.E. Brain® Management Plan - Habit building tool
An alternative daily planning and reflection tool. There is more than one way to successfully plan your day. You need to do some personal research to learn which methods work best for you. 
8) ‘How to be your best: An introductory guide’ - ebook
More insight from the awarding-winning Tougher Minds programme about how your brain works, the importance of habits and what it takes to be at your best in the challenging VUCA world. 

More about Tougher Minds & Dr. Jon Finn

Tougher Minds - Awarding-winning solution for Well-being, Performance, Transformational Leadership and Successful Change Management.

Tougher Minds and Me Power Academy Founder Dr. Jon Finn has created this uniquely powerful planner with his colleagues using their own proprietary research and awarding-winning applied programmes, which are based on the best neuroscience, behavioural science, psychology. Tougher Minds’ programmes are used by major businesses and organisations in the U.K., Europe and the U.S., they have helped tens of thousands of people.

Tougher Minds have advised the Government and think tanks, had their work featured in The Sunday Times, The Sunday Telegraph, People Management and T.E.S, published peer-reviewed papers and have helped tens of thousands of people to be their best.

Click on this link to see a range of case studies showing how our simple and practical award-winning training has made it easier for individuals, leaders, teams and organisations to fulfil their potential. 

Case studies

What's included?

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Animation: Learn about your A.P.E. Brain and H.A.C. Brain
Audio Masterclass: 'Well-being and Performance Habits for School Success - The science of happiness and fulfilled potential in life, education and work
Me Power® Planner for Well-being and Performance
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Will Power Story example
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Will Power Boosters & Strengths Guide
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Me Power Planner Weekly Wall Chart
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How to create a Will Power Story: Plan, focus and relax (18mins 44secs)
My Daily A.P.E. Brain® Management Plan - Habit building tool
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BONUS MATERIAL: 'How to be your best: An introductory guide' eBook
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