Free Resilience Resources

Help yourself and your pupils to build new habits and thrive in our challenging world.

Step 1 - Learn about your brain and the importance of habits

How to be your best more often: An introductory guide (Ebook) by Dr. Jon Finn (Tougher Minds CEO)

Learn how the instinctive A.P.E. Brain® can make life difficult, and how you can help yourself and your pupils succeed and thrive.
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Audio Masterclass: Well-being & Performance Habits - the root cause of happiness and success in work and life

Listen to this Audio Masterclass on your podcast platform of choice: Apple Podcasts;
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Step 2 - Learn how to begin analysing your habits

A.P.E. Brain® Test

Quickly learn about the unhelpful habits that are stopping your pupils being healthy, happy and fulfilling their potential. 
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Step 3 - Learn how to begin building new habits

WEBINAR - How to build Habits for Well-being and Performance (45 mins)

Stop struggling to make positive changes and learn how to build new habits so you can be healthy, happy and fulfil your potential.
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Step 4 - Build new habits, thrive and succeed

Me Power® Planner (Printable) and online course for Resilience, Well-being and Performance *Best seller*

In just 4 weeks you can transform your well-being, performance & productivity. Do 10 mins each day. Follow the simple steps for success.
Usually £19, FREE to teachers (limited time only)

Step 5 - Learn to to begin helping people to improve their habits

How to Create Powerful Teams - the surprising truth (A Tougher Minds Talk)

Watch this video and learn how to begin helping yourself, your colleagues, pupils and school improve both well-being and performance.
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Next steps? Our programmes that will help you and your pupils succeed

School Success programme for Pupils

This programme teaches your pupils (of all ages) simple, practical, unique & powerful life skills to improve their exam grades & well-being.
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Train to be a 'Me Power® Coach'

The Well-being and Performance Me Power® Coaching Certificate will help you to help your pupils thrive

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School Success programme for Teachers

Learn everything we know about helping pupils improve exam grades & well-being. These simple & practical insights will change their lives.
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