Level 0 - A.P.E. Brain H.A.C.®: Build better diet, exercise & sleep daily

The big dominant part of your brain – the A.P.E.® – can be your arch enemy and make life difficult. But you can use Will Power to beat the A.P.E. Brain®. In Level 0 you will learn about resilience from the story of NASA scientist Mary Jackson. We will also teach you about your brain, and show you how to build better diet, exercise and sleep habits. This will boost Will Power and make it easier to be healthy, happy and at your best.

Level 0 content:
- Audio Book - Learn how to be your best more often
- Audio Guide - Secure and enhance your understanding of the main ideas covered in Level 0
- Planning Tool - The D.E.S. S.W.A.P.®: Learn how to build better sleep, diet and exercise habits every day

Watch the Level 0 Animation to find out more:

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