Help your pupils to build better habits for well-being and improved exam results

Our simple, practical and award-winning programmes are proven to help young people build better habits for success at school and in life.

Created by Dr. Jon Finn, Founder of the award-winning Tougher Minds consultancy.

Our FREE resources, products and programmes empower your pupils to succeed and thrive

- At least 98% of our behaviour is unconscious mindless habits. This means for every 50 things our brain is doing, we are only aware of one.

- Unhelpful habits are the root cause of all challenges at school, work and life.

Our simple, practical and award-winning programmes empower pupils to build better habits for:
- Better sleep, diet and exercise
- Improved confidence
- Managing stress
- Motivation and personal drive
- Productivity - including developing more
balanced usage of phones, internet and games
- Improved concentration
- Efficient and effective learning
- Optimising revision
- Improved exam results

Audio Masterclass: Well-being and Performance Habits for School Success - The science of happiness and fulfilled potential in life, education and work

Listen to this Masterclass on your podcast platform of choice: Apple Podcasts; Spotify ; Google Podcasts; Stitcher.

Well-being and Performance Me Power Coaching Certificate for Teachers

Learn how to coach your pupils to fulfil their potential using our award-winning techniques. Become a Me Power® Coach.
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Level 0 - Me Power® Planner (Printable) for Well-being and Performance *Best seller*

Help yourself, pupils and your family to succeed in only 10 minutes per day. Build better habits to reduce stress and be your best.

LEVEL 1 - Mindset H.A.C.®: Learn how to improve confidence every day

Help your pupils to become better at anything. Build realistic & robust self-belief. Use the The Big Finish™ daily confidence building plan.

LEVEL 2 - How to Build Better Habits: Improve performance every week

Your pupils run on habits. Learn how habits work & how to help your pupils build more helpful habits. Access the 7 step habit building plan.

LEVEL 3 – Motivation H.A.C.®: Boost motivation & personal drive

Learn how to help your pupils improve motivation by helping them to create Future, Ambitious and Meaningful stories.

LEVEL 4 - Focused Timeline™: Build planning and organisation habits for success

Help your pupils turn big goals into reality by creating their own Focused Timeline™. Learn from the Brontë Sisters & boxer Anthony Joshua.

LEVEL 5 - H.A.C.® Stress & manage Confidence: Reduce stress & improve confidence

Help your pupils to understand why they can find things stressful. Learn how to improve their confidence using the Confidence Profile.

LEVEL 6 - Build and Maintain Confidence: Use confidence skills to enhance happiness

Learn simple and practical skills to help your pupils maintain and build their confidence. Learn from Olympic champion Jessica Ennis-Hill.

LEVEL 7 - Productivity H.A.C.®: Create Will Power Stories™ to improve daily productivity

Learn simple & practical skills you can use to help your pupils to be more productive. Learn from Charles Darwin & Dickens.

LEVEL 8 - Activation H.A.C.®: Build better focus and relaxation habits

Learn how concentration works & how to help your  pupils focus & relax throughout the day. Learn from the New Zealand All Blacks.

LEVEL 9 - Learning H.A.C.®: Build better learning habit

Learn how your pupils learn and how to help them improve. Access the Learning Strengths Plan™ to improve your pupils' learning.

LEVEL 10 - Revision H.A.C.®: Build revision habits for improved exam performance

Learn how to help your pupils revise in a way that boosts their exam performance. Learn from Olympian Jonny Brownlee & King George VI.

LEVEL 11 - Exam H.A.C.®: Build better exam performance habits

Learn how to help your pupils perform to their potential in exams. Learn from rugby star Jonny Wilkinson & tennis ace Serena Williams.

School Success programme for Pupils (for only £4.99 per month - 1 day FREE trial)

This programme teaches your pupils (of all ages) simple, practical, unique & powerful life skills to improve their exam grades & well-being.
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School Success programme for Teachers (for only £4.99 per month - 1 day FREE trial)

Learn everything we know about helping  pupils improve exam grades & well-being. These simple & practical insights will change their lives.
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The A.P.E. Brain® Test

Help your pupils to quickly learn about their good and bad habits. Click the link to take the test.

Me Power DAILY Challenge

Help your pupils to build better daily planning and reflection habits. Two simple steps that only take 3 minutes per day!

Me Power WEEKLY Challenge

Learn how to help your pupils have more great weeks in three simple steps. It takes less than 10 minutes per week!

My Daily A.P.E. Brain® Management Plan - Habit building tool

A daily planning and reflection tool for teachers and pupils. Make it easier to build new well-being and performance habits

Workshops for Teachers, Parents and Pupils

Our engaging, interactive, gamified, high-impact workshops are delivered by an expert Me Power consultant and bespoke to your needs. 
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Keynotes for Teachers, Parents and Pupils

Our bespoke, cutting-edge, high-impact & entertaining keynotes provide simple & practical skills that everyone can use immediately.
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Bespoke Well-being and Performance programmes for schools

We create bespoke programmes for areas including GCSE performance & Year 7 Transitions to help teachers and pupils succeed and thrive. 


"We are always telling children and young people to concentrate, to be more motivated and to be more confident. But when do they get taught how to actually do those things? That is what Me Power does."
"It demystifies the revision process."
"Every child and teenager has areas in which they excel and others in which they struggle. This programme allows them to work on both their strengths and their weaknesses."
Personal Tutor
"The programme reinforces our school's key messages, but then goes beyond with a practical programme that can be followed by both pupil and parents, informed by the latest research."
"It helps to develop the whole child."
"The programme allows parents to choose the level of engagement appropriate for their son or daughter".

Education case studies

Here is a range of case studies from our extensive and award-winning work in education.
Case studies


How old do my children need to be to use the Me Power programme?

  • If learning alongside an adult (e.g. parent, guardian or teacher) children can benefit from the programme from around the age of seven. But this varies from child to child. Some children can start younger, and some need to be older. 
  • With parental consent children can work independently on the programme from around the age of 10. 
  • From the age of 16 children do not require parental consent to use the programme. 
  • Young people use this programme into adulthood. 

I notice you offer customers an affiliate fee. How does that work?

Me Power Academy does have an affiliate programme. It gives you, the user (this could be a teacher, or a school), a chance to earn commission for referring new customers to us. We will pay 20% of the monthly membership fees for anybody who you have referred (via your referral link) who purchases a membership. Please remember you will need a PayPal account to receive your affiliate payments from us. The affiliate programme is very much about you spreading the word in the schools, further, higher education institutions and communities you are part of. You can share your link via social media, email or text. Please note we ask that you don’t place links to our site in any paid for social media advertising campaigns. Full details of the affiliate programme can be found on the Affiliate Dashboard in user accounts.  Many thanks in advance.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. Payments with these are securely processed via Stripe. This is a globally recognised online payments system which provides technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure. We also accept payments made via PayPal.

How do I cancel my personal monthly membership?

You can cancel your personal monthly Me Power membership at any time. Just click the red ‘Cancel your subscription’ button in the Billing section of your account. Unfortunately you will lose all access to your members only content.

Will Me Power Academy work on my tablet or mobile device?

A: Yes. Me Power Academy will work on the vast majority of desktops, tablets and phones. In terms of mobile devices, it works with either iOS or Android operating systems. Learning with Me Power Academy is simple, interactive and easy to navigate.